at 10 december ago have been executed by PR EVENT with the theme ” A MOMENT TO SHARE”. more than 80 media attend at home imam bondjol at 15.00. this event aim to give the appreciation to media friend for cooperation and relation intertwined by very good ay oriflamme during year 2009.

Especial target from this event is launch the charitable program, we will execute it in february 2010 that’s ”POWER OF KISS” Charity program. in this program oriflamme cooperate with panti roslin in kupang to give the aid for the development of school of age children early. Rp500.000 from any type lipstick purchasing in february will be used for the expense of the education.

All journalist wich attend given the flower and zodiac card as according to zodiac of each. they can enquire to ”FORTUNE TELLER” concerning lipstick and fragrance oriflamme matching with characteristic and luck them in 2010.

The top leader oriflamme indonesia come too in here, delegation from embassy swedia and two people of selebritis indonesia which care with the education of indonesia children. that is mona ratuliu and dik doank.

WE hope with the existence of this event ”POWER OF KISS” charity program in fluent ambulatory february so that children residing in KUPANG can realize their desire to learn and lessen the broken children amnunt of school in Indonesia.